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Who We Are

Kia ora

I grew up on a sheep station (we had 10,000 sheep) in a little town called Kohukohu in the Hokianga, about four hours North of Auckland. This is a very beautiful, relaxing and historical part of New Zealand, with a very strong Maori Culture. I lived there from when I was 5 years old until I was 13, when my family moved to Auckland City.

Sheep nearly always stay in the flock and follow each other. On our station there were only a few rebel sheep, we called them "The Gully Runners". These were the ones that broke off the beaten track and headed into the bush and through the gullies.

Hokianga Campervans are designed for the backpacker who want freedom to go anywhere and stay anywhere.

Haere rä

Grant Thomlinson
Hokianga Campervans (Rental Car Village Group)
Established 1997


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